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Question #201

Adding an Image Gallery Magic (iGM) system to the first panel in TabPanel Magic 1 (TBM) works just fine, but it does not work when I place the iGM system into the second panel. Is there a fix for this?

The Answer

Prepared Nov. 2006 by Gerry Jacobsen, PVII

Note: The Tab Panel Magic 1 system has been retired.
The newer Tab Panel Magic 2 system includes this as built in feature, any of our Gallery products can be deployed inside any TPM2 panels. Upgrade pricing from TPM1 is available.

If you are placing the iGM system into the first panel tab panel of the TabPanel Magic 1 system, then there are no issues. However, if you want to place the iGM system into one of the other panels that is "hidden" when the page loads you'll need to employ this workaround for some browser glitches:

1. Add a style rule to the page that targets the content panel that contains the iGM system, for example, if the second panel contains the iGM system, add this style rule:

#p7tpc1_2 {display:block;}

This makes sure that the tab with iGM is set to be in the page flow when the iGM system first builds the thumbnail matrix.

2. Since the above style rule will make the content panel with iGM be visible and in the page flow, we'll need to trigger the TabPanel Magic 1 system on page load to restore the normal tab display.

-Add a "TabPanel Trigger" behavior to the <body> tag, onLoad event. Select the default content panel, usually panel one, and click OK.

The body tag for the page should now look like this (the numbers may be different depending on your iGM and TPM options):

<body onLoad="P7_HGSinit(1,1,1,0,1,1,0,1);P7_initTP(3,0);P7_TPtrig('p7tpc1_1')">

That's it, the iGM system should now display and work properly in the second content tab.

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