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Question #199

My CSS Page Pack is not displaying properly in IE 7. Internet Explorer 7 exhibits alignment issues or shows gaps in my Pop Menu Magic Menu, or does not display the full background image behind my Tab Bar Menu.

The Answer

Prepared Nov. 2006 by Al Sparber, PVII

While much improved over IE6, IE7 still has CSS issues that need to be addressed. This technical note covers IE7 fixes for PVII Page Packs.

PVII Product Updates that fix IE7 CSS Issues in Page Packs

The following updates require that you have a full copy of the relevant product already installed.

Click the Read More links in the second column to access installation and release notes, and to download the update.

Name Read more & download Version Released
Tab Bar Magic Read More... 1.0.8 27-Oct-06
Key Lime Page Pack Read More... 1.0.7 27-Oct-06
Graffiti Page Pack Read More... 1.0.7 27-Oct-06
Pop Menu Magic Read More... 1.0.3 24-Oct-06

IE7 Fixes for PVII Page Packs

IE7 has introduced some very minor cosmetic issues in some PVII Page Pack layouts. Most of the issues involve Page Pack layouts that include a horizontal Pop Menu Magic menu or a Tab Bar Magic menu. In pages that contain Pop Menu Magic menus, you might see small vertical gaps between menu items. In Tab Bar menus, the background image behind the menu might not expand to its full width. To fix these issues:

The PMM or TBM system will update the IE conditional comments that are placed inside your menu markup to fix minor alignment or background bugs in IE7.

General Layout fixes PMM Page Packs in IE7

Some Page Pack layouts might exhibit minor alignment issues - or you may also have introduced issues yourself by the way you have edited a particular layout. This fix would apply to the following PMM Page Packs in some instances, or after user customiations:

The workarounds can be deployed using one of 2 methods:

  1. Inside Microsoft Conditional Comments
  2. Directly in your CSS file

1. Insert the following MSIE Conditional Comment on a blank line just before the closing </head> tag in Code View:

<!--[if IE 7]>
div {zoom:100%;}

Note: Because only MSIE browsers support the proprietary zoom property, you can safely insert the rule, minus the conditional comment, inside any style sheet attached to your page.

2. To add the IE7 fix directly to a style sheet

div {zoom:100%;}

That's it. If you have questions or comments, please log on to our newsgroups or drop us a mail. Contact information can be found on our main support page.

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