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Question #188

In Tab Panel Magic 1 I'd like to have links from external pages trigger a specific content panel. Can I use a URL parameter or special anchor?

The Answer

Prepared Jun. 2006 by Gerry Jacobsen, PVII

Note: The Tab Panel Magic 1 system has been retired.
The newer Tab Panel Magic 2 system includes this as a built in feature, see tech note #299 for details. Upgrade pricing from TPM1 is available.

Yes, a specific Tab Panel Magic tab can be triggered, from a link on another page, using either an anchor or a URL parameter.

  1. An anchor ("index.htm#1_2") will trigger panel 2 in the first TabPanel system on this example page.
  2. A URL parameter ("index.htm?pnl=2_4") will trigger panel 4 in the second TabPanel system on the example page.

Note: This solution should be used to trigger panels from an external only page, if you want to trigger a panel on the same page then use the included TBM Trigger Panel behavior, see page 55 of the TBM User Guide for complete step by step instructions.

To Deploy this solution...

- Add the following script to your Tab Panel Magic javascript file. Make a new line at the end of the script file and add this function:

function P7_TPurl(){ //v1.0.1 by
 var i,h,s,x,p='p7tpc',m=false,d='pnl';

- Add an onload call "P7_TPurl()" to this new function from the body tag of the page that contains the Tab Panel you are triggering. Your body tag should look like something this:

<body onLoad="P7_initTP(3,1);P7_TPurl()">

Note: Your P7_initTP(3,1) call might be different than the one pictured above. The numbers inside the parentheses are based on the options you choose in the Tab Panel Magic window.

That's it!

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