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Question #160

I want to add additional Behaviors to some of the links in PopMenu Magic (PMM). Does PMM support this?

The Answer

Prepared Feb. 2005 by Gerry Jacobsen, PVII

The PopMenu Magic system is designed to produce very lean html markup, this means that menu behaviors are created programatically instead of being placed in the markup for each of the menu links. Normally this would prevent you from assigning any additional behaviors on any of the menu links, however,the PMM system is designed to automatically recognize these user-defined behaviors and adapt automatically.

Add any Behaviors to the menu links

You can add as many Dreamweaver behaviors, such as GoToUrl, Swap Image, Show/Hide, AutoLayers, and even our Instant NavBar command, to any of the menu links to create additional effects. Apply these as you normally do in Dreamweaver Design View by clicking on the menu link and then selecting the Behavior from the Behaviors panel.

Run the PopMenu Magic Modify system

After you have added any additional behaviors, or assigned any user-defined properties, to the menu links you simply need to let the PopMenu Magic system know about it so it can adapt.

-Click the Pop Menu Magic by PVII icon in the Common category of the Insert Toolbar to open the Modify interface.

-Click the OK button to re-apply the menu. Change nothing in the interface, the system will recognize that you have placed custom markup or behaviors on the menu links and will re-write the menu markup appropriately. For those menu links that contain additional onMouseOver behaviors the system will also create a corresponding PMM onMouseOver behavior in in the markup in order to allow both the PMM and your custom behavior to work properly.

That's it! The PMM system and your user-defined behaviors will works as expected. The Modify system will allow, and work with, any user defined parameters or behaviors that you wish to place on the menu links (the <a> tags), and will always preserve any of your custom markup on these links. If you add or modify your user-defined behaviors later just run the Modify system again to allow PMM to adapt to the changes.

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