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Question #157

I have a TreeMenu Magic (TMM) system that contains dynamically driven links. Sometimes more than one menu level open, is there a fix?

The Answer

Prepared Sep. 2004 by Gerry Jacobsen, PVII

Note: This functionality is included and fully automated in the more recent Tree Menu Magic 2 system, simply click the "Include URL Paramters in Match" option in the TMM2 user interface.

When using dynamically generated urls in TreeMenu Magic, where the url parameter is a number, an url parameter like ?id=1 can also be found in an url that ends with a parameter like ?id=10 or id=11.

You can use this little tweak that will assure only the exact url is matched:

1. In the p7tmscripts.js file, locate the "P7_TMopen() function.

2. Locate the third line in this function, it will look like this:


3. Replace the entire line with this code line:


That's it, save the .js file and test.

Be sure to preserve your code modifications by following the instruction in our infoBase article#122.

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