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Question #153

Why is my menu, gallery, or widget not working in Windows Internet Explorer when I preview through Dreamweaver?

The Answer

Prepared Aug. 2004 by Al Sparber, PVII

Microsoft created a Lockdown Zone to block all Active Content on pages that reside on your local hard drive. JavaScript and Flash will be blocked when you preview a local file - but the page will display normally when viewed on the internet. Microsoft did this to protect the lowest common denominator of users from malevolent content delivered via traded CDs, DVDs, and other portable media - or from files saved via the internet or e-mail to your local hard drive.

Enabling the preview of Active Content in Dreamweaver

To enable viewing active content in files that are on your local hard drive:

  1. In IE, Choose Internet Options - Advanced
  2. Scroll down to the Security Heading
  3. Check the option labeled: Allow active content to run in files on my computer. You can also check the box above this if you want to allow active content to run from CDs.
  4. Restart Internet Explorer for the changes to take effect

Alternatively, if you have Dreamweaver 8 or higher, choose Commands:: Insert Mark of the Web.

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