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Question #149

My menu system or Widget is not working properly when using the browser back button to go back to a previously viewed page in Safari. Is there a fix for this?

The Answer

Prepared Jun. 2004 by Gerry Jacobsen, PVII

This is a known issue (bug) in Safari. The Safari browser handles the back button differently from any other browser. When a user returns to a page using the back button in Safari some scripts and menu systems may not work correctly. This is because Safari is not re-initializing script events for that page, and as a result any scripts that rely on initializers will no longer function correctly.

We have prepared a Dreamweaver command that provides a workaround for this issue, the Safari BackButton Fix by PVII.

Download the Safari BackButton Fix by PVII extension.

View the on-line help documentation for the Safari BackButton Fix by PVII extension.


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