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Question #128

I'm populating some of my TreeMenu link urls dynamically. Is there any way to preserve these dynamic url parameters or character entity (ie: &) when using the Modify system?

The Answer

Prepared Apr. 2004 by Gerry Jacobsen, PVII

Updated May 18, 2004 to include character entity support.

The TMM system is designed to "Url Encode" any of the urls that the user enters. This assures that the links are always proper in the event that the url contains spaces or other control characters that are not usually allowed in the url. This will also translate any dynamic code blocks that the user enters into their url encoded format and, of course, render them unreadable by the server side engine. For example, this url:


will be translated to this by the TMM system:


While the default url encoding of the TMM system is a very helpful feature for most users, we do recognize that this would be problematic for those who are creating some of the links in the menu with dynamic data.

When using character entities, like &amp; (the entity for the ampersand character), in the url the default behavior of the TMM system is to translate it into its equivalent character, the &. When the Modify system re-writes the menu markup with the translated character, not the entity.

As a work-around to these issues we have prepared a special "TMM UrlTweak" extension that will prevent the TMM system from performing the url encoding and also allow complete pass through for the character entities. This will allow you to enter, and modify, any urls that contain dynamic code. Essentially, whatever you enter as the url will be preserved and editable.

If you are using the TMM system with dynamic data you can download the TMM UrlTweak update .

To install:

That's it! The TMM system will now preserve your dynamic urls and character entities.

Note: Be aware, however, that this tweak will disable the url encoding feature of the TMM system and, as such, you must assure that you enter properly formatted urls.


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