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Question #122

Is there a way to "preserve" the TreeMenu Magic script modifications found in the infoBase so that I can use the Modify system without loosing the tweaks?

The Answer

Prepared Feb. 2004 by Gerry Jacobsen, PVII

Preserving your TreeMenu Magic script modifications:

Once you have modified the TreeMenu Magic JavaScript code, you will want to be sure to shield the modifications from being automatically replaced or updated. Whenever you use the Insert or Modify TreeMenu Magic commands, the system will attempt to update your existing JavaScript file with the current version to assure that the code base is always correct. This will overwrite your modifications and they will be lost.

You can shield you modified JavaScript page by simply changing the script file name:

1. In the Dreamweaver Site panel (F8), click on the p7tmscripts.js file name. Then click on it once more to make its name editable.

2. Change the file name to something like: p7tmscripts_mod.js. Dreamweaver will ask you if you want to Update links.

3. Click Update so that Dreamweaver will make the filename changes to all of the TreeMenu Magic pages that contain an external link to this file.

That's it! Now your modified script file will remain as is, untouched by the Modify system.

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