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Question #116

Some of my page links appear more than once in my TreeMenu Magic system. Is there a way to prevent the menu from opening all of the corresponding menu sections when the page loads?

The Answer

Prepared Nov. 2003 by Gerry Jacobsen, PVII

The TreeMenu Magic menu system will highlight all of the links in the menu system that correspond to the page being loaded. If you have two different links to the same page, both of those links will be highlighted. If these links are in different sections of the menu you can control which section is opened by making each of the links unique, append each link with a unique url parameter:

For example:

You have two separate links in the menus system for "myPage.htm", and the first link appears under menu section one, the second appears under menu section two.

-Change the actual href in the menu for each link by appending an url parameter, ?id=1, to the href. The links would look like:

<a href="myPage.htm?id=1">My Page</a>
<a href="myPage.htm?id=2">My Page</a>

When the first link is clicked only the first link will be opened when the page loads because it is the only one that matches the actual url.

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