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Converting a TPM2-based Response-Ability Page to use TPM3

In this tutorial we will show how to convert an existing Response-Ability page to use Tab Panel Magic 3.
Response-Ability Home | TPM3 Home

To convert an existing Response-Ability page:

1. Convert the widget

  1. Open the page.
  2. Place your cursor inside the content area.
  3. Open the TPM3 interface. You will see a dialog asking if you'd like to convert your Tab Panel to TPM3
  4. Click the Convert button

2. Update the CSS

Open your Affinity CSS file: p7ability-01.css, p7ability-02.css, p7ability-03.css, or p7ability-04.css

Choose Edit > Find and Replace.

Configure your dialog exactly as below.

Click Replace All

Now do a second find and replace using the parameters below...

Click Replace All

That's it.