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Converting an Existing TPM1 to TPM2

Converting a Tab Panel Magic 1 widget to Tab Panel Magic 2 is a fully automated process that takes just a few seconds.

  1. Open TPM1 page
  2. Place your cursor inside the TPM1 widget
  3. Open the TPM2 interface
  4. Click the Convert To TPM2 button
  5. Confirm the TPM2 settings you want to use and click OK

Step by Step

Let's say you have an existing TPM1 widget set to the XP style theme. In Dreamweaver it looks like this:

In a browser it looks like this:

Place your cursor anywhere inside the TPM widget on your page and then open the TPM2 interface by choosing:

Insert > Studio VII > Tab Panel Magic 2 by PVII

The Conversion dialog will open

Click the Convert to TPM2 button

The Tab Panel Magic 2 interface will open. The panels will be populated from your existing TPM1 widget and the system will assume you want to use Win Tabs style theme.

Set any additional options you might want and then Click OK

The conversion is complete.

Your converted TPM 2 widget looks like this in a browser:

The system will also perform a complete housekeeping job, removing links to the TPM1 script and CSS.