The Responsive Tab Panel Widget

Did you know?

PVII's Tab Panel Magic (TPM2) is the only tabbed panel widget for Dreamweaver that works flawlessly in mobile devices without any modifications.

TPM2 comes with more features than any other tabbed panel widget for Dreamweaver. Your widget is managed from the comfort and convenience of a graphical user interface inside Dreamweaver.

One of the more powerful features in TPM2 is scrolling tabs, which allows you to have an unlimited number of tabs displayed on a single row. If there is not enough horizontal room to display them all, the excess tabs are hidden and you can access them by using convenient arrow controls to scroll them into or out of view. When viewed in an iPhone (or other smartphones), your tabs will never take up more than a single row of space—whether you have 3 tabs or 30. To use this powerful feature, simply select Normal Scrolling in the Options section of the TPM2 user interface.

In honor of it being Tuesday evening, we are releasing a new Style Theme for Tab Panel Magic. We thought it was simply elegant so named it Simply Elegant. In order to complete this tutorial and to make sure you get the new theme please ensure that you have installed the latest version of Tab Panel Magic 2. To check your current version, open Adobe Extension Manager and check your version number then compare it to the current version listed on the updates page. Download the update, if necessary, and then restart Dreamweaver before you begin the tutorial. The Simply Elegant theme will appear in the interface: