The Tab Panel Magic Responsive Menu

You've got a problem. Your client, Niles, wants a horizontal menu with 10 links, which fit very nicely in a single row on his 25-inch widescreen monitor. Niles also requires the menu to work on his sister Angelica's iPhone.

The Solution

You could tell Niles to take a hike. You could try some ridiculously complex solutions involving jQuery or a CSS framework. Or you can complete the task in a few minutes using Tab Panel Magic 2—the automagically responsive widget from your friends at PVII. TPM2 allows you to create a tabbed menu bar without panels, making it a perfect solution for a single-level menu bar.

Click the tabs above and you will visit the 9 separate pages of this demo Web site (or click the first tab to return to the tutorial). On each page, the relevant Tab will be highlighted—another great TPM2 feature.

Make sure you test the page on a smartphone or tablet device. It will, of course, work perfectly