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Tab Panel Magic 2 Tutorials

the Automagically Responsive Tab Widget from PVII

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Current Tutorials

Choose from the following listing of Tab Panel Magic 2 Tutorials...

Tab Panel Magic 2 Responsive Menu

Use Tab Panel Magic 2 to create a responsive menu bar that works in all devices - automatically.

Tab Panel Magic 2: The Responsive Tab widget

Tab Panel Magic 2 is naturally responsive and works in all devices without extra coding.

Tabs on the bottom

Move the Tabs to the bottom of your Tab Panel widget

Convert a TPM1 widget to TPM2

Tab Panel Magic 2 comes with a utility that enables you to instanly convert a Tab Panel Magic 1 widget to Tab Panel Magic 2 with no loss of content.

Nesting Tab Panels

TPM2 supports nested panels. Learn how it's done.

Popup Tab Panel Booklet

Use Tab Panel Magic and Tooltip Magic to make an ultra-cool popup booklet.