My Panel Bar


It's to be expected that a browser cannot animate a box that is not present in its DOM. Hence, embedding a Slide Show inside a Tab Panel can be done only if the following steps are taken.

  1. The content panel containing the Slide Show must be set to be visible. In this case, content panel 1 contains the show so you can skip to step 4.
  2. If the Slide Show is in a hidden panel, that panel must be set to be visible:
    #p7tpc1_2 {display: block;}
  3. A Tab Panel behavior must then be assigned to the body that triggers the first content panel. <body onload="P7_initTP(5,0);P7_TPtrig('p7tpc1_1')">
  4. A Slide Show behavior must be added to the tabs associated with all content panels except the one that contains the Slide Show and that behavior should pause the Slide Show:
    <div class="down" id="p7tpb1_1" onclick="P7_SSMctrl('pause',0)">
  5. Animation for the Slide Show must be turned off and the Slide Show should be set to load in paused mode.
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