Using Layout Builder Magic Inside Omni Panels

When you have the finest panel widget for Dreamweaver, it's only natural that you use the finest layout building tool when you need to add multiple colums. Layout Builder Magic allows you to easily add as many columns as you like to your Omni Panels. And if that's not enough, it also gives you the power to add, delete, or change the order of your columns.

Wistful Woman

Doe Eyes

I see you


Very blue

In control

A more traditonal approach

Add column structures in a more traditional arrangement. Sidebars and more, oh my!

On the side

Use LBM to manage your column structures inside Omni Panels with unprecedented control!

Unprecedented Power...

Making a beautuful web page is easy when you use PVII tools. Omni Panels is the most powerful and most responsive panel widget for Dreamweaver. It magically adapts to all screen and window sizes automatically.

Layout Builder Magic turns Dreamweaver into a powerful, visual CSS layout-building machine

With Layout Builder Magic you'll be able to turn out modern, responsive page structures like a pro, without coding, and without having to learn a massively complex CSS framework. LBM is the little CSS framework that runs like a giant, time after time. There has never been a layout tool like this for Dreamweaver... ever.

In Summary...

With Omni Panels and Layout Builder Magic you have total control over every aspect of your design!