PVII Horizontal Glider Magic Examples ListingThe Ultimate Slider/Carousel Widget

Blue Mist

This example demonstrates the nesting capabilities built into Horizontal Glider Magic.

Image Triggers

HGM has full support for multiple-state trigger images, enabling total design flexibility. If you can imagine it, you can do it with Horizontal Glider Magic.

Carbon with Vertical Triggers

HGM comes with several special Style Themes that you can use if you want to place your panel triggers to the left or right of your widget and display the links vertically.

Greystone with Vertical Triggers

The Greystone theme gives you a choice of positioning your panel triggers to the left or to the right of your widget in a vertical stack. This example shows the panel triggers on the left.

Headlines Panels

Display headlines such as breaking news. This widget is set to run onmouseover and will also load a detail page of your choice.

Cool Marketing Panels

Because HGM supports any type of content, you can use the widget to display marketing images. This example contains images and text, floated side-by-side inside the panels.

Lightshow Gallery

HGM supports using other PVII widgets inside the panels. This example uses HGM panels to display 3 Lightshow Magic image galleries by category.

Flexible Width

HGM is designed to adapt to the width of its containing element. If you create your widget inside a flexible-width DIV, your widget will also be flexible.

Recipe Cards

You can get very creative with your HGM widget designs. This example displays recipe cards and also demonstrates how text and images can be combined for your presentation.

Default Themes

This page shows simple examples of each of the style themes that come with Horizontal Glider Magic.