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Introducing Horizontal Accordion Panel Magic by PVII

Unlike other accordions, Horizontal Accordion Magic adapts to any width—automatically

Horizontal Accordion Panel Magic

What you see here is the most powerful, feature-rich, and refined widget of its kind... anywhere. If quality is as important to you as it is to us, then say hello to the horizontal accordion you've been waiting for. Like all PVII widgets, each line of code that powers Horizontal Accordion Panel Magic is written by us to achieve a level of refinement and features you just won't find anywhere else. To make sure that this widget can stand up to proportional widths, fixed widths, text resizing, mobile browsers, and older browsers, it had to be designed and programmed the PVII way.

Main Features...

Your PVII horizontal accordion is created and managed from the comfort of an automated interface inside Dreamweaver. Code is clean and content is always accessible, even when JavaScript is disabled. Mobile devices (like iPhones and iPads) are automatically detected and coddled with special code to make them behave nicely. Text in triggers is stacked, not rotated, so you never need to turn your head sideways to read it. Animation options include linear slide, easing slide, easing bounce, or none. Set a specific panel or a random panel to open on page load. Your widget can be set to autoplay for a set number of cycles or continuously. Triggers (panel headings) can be text, images, or a combination. Image swapping is fully supported and completely automatic. Choose from an assortment of CSS-based style themes (skins) that can be deployed out of the box or customized to your needs.

The Ultimate in Flexibility

Your horizontal accordion widget can be fixed-width or flexible. Height can be set to adjust dynamically, in real time, based on the height of the currently open content panel; or based on the height of your tallest content panel; or numerically fixed. Accordions can be inserted inside DIV or table containers—and will automatically conform to that container's width, whether it be fixed or flexible. Content is never truncated—even when text is zoomed. Panel headings can be text, images, or you can mix text and images as we've done in this example. Panel content is fully editable at all times in Dreamweaver Design View and you can add any type of content to a panel.