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PVII Mercury

CSS Forward Thinking

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What is Mercury? a very cool Single-Page CSS Template


Mercury is a single-page Web site, a design approach that works very well for sites that would comprise three to six traditional pages of closely related content. A brochure site for an artist, entertainer, movie, author, or a typical restaurant would work very well. Landing pages for short-term promotions, offers and contests would too. On the other hand, a large site like Amazon.com would not be a good candidate.

Create pages instantly includes fixed width and flexible width designs

The Mercury user interface is accessible from the File menu inside Dreamweaver and fully automates the page-creation process. Select a layout and simply click Create!

The  Interface

Manage your page sections automatically

The Page Scroll Magic interface that comes with Mercury enables you to add, remove, or re-order your page sections in just a few short seconds!

Key Features and Cutting Edge Techniques

  • Choose fixed or flexible width layouts
  • Use CSS techniques like font embedding, rounded corners, shadows, dynamic image sizing and RGBA colors
  • Mercury is fully navigable whether using a mouse, keyboard, pointing device, touch device, or a screen reader
  • If you use your tab key to navigate and reach a link in the next page section, the system will automatically detect this and scroll that section fully into view
  • Accessing a new page section will glide your window to the top, ensuring that no content is ever overlooked
  • The previous and next arrows automatically display the title of the next or previous page when hovered over
  • The previous and next arrows can be set to loop or to stop at the first and last page sections
  • Mobile devices are automatically detected and served special style rules to address device-specific limitations and display Mercury perfectly with non-fixed header and footer

Mercury Example Pages includes fixed width and flexible width designs


Dreamweaver MX through Dreamweaver CS6 (and up)