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CSS Forward Thinking

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What is Luna? Forward thinking CSS without the images!

Luna is a single-page Web site, a design approach that works very well for sites that would, in conventional terms, comprise three to six pages of closely related content. Single-page sites are becoming quite popular among Web designers—for their own sites and for client sites, as well. A brochure site for an artist, an author, or a typical restaurant, would work very well. On the other hand, the Harvard University or Library of Congress sites would not be good candidates. Luna uses modern CSS such as fixed position navigation, embedded fonts, column layout, rounded corners, CSS gradients, and shadows— and while the look is highly graphical, not a single background image is used. This makes it extremely easy for you to maintain and customize your site.

Create pages instantly includes fixed width and flexible width designs

The Luna user interface is accessible from the File menu inside Dreamweaver and fully automates the page-creation process. Select a layout and simply click Create!

The  Interface

Manage your page sections automatically

The Page Scroll Magic interface that comes with Luna enables you to add, remove, or re-order your page sections in just a few short seconds!

Learn cutting edge CSS techniques

The Luna user guide will teach you how to use these CSS 2 and CSS 3 techniques:

  • Font Embedding
  • Rounded Corners
  • Box Shadows
  • Linear Gradients
  • CSS Columns

Note: Mobile devices are automatically detected and served special style rules to address device-specific limitations and display Mercury perfectly with non-fixed header and footer

Luna Example Pages includes fixed width and flexible width designs


  • Dreamweaver MX through Dreamweaver CS6 (and up)
  • No images are used except for the logo