Mobile Ready

Your Affinity layout will respond to the width of your browser window—adjusting the number, position, and width of columns, as well as the size of text, to ensure that your page always displays in a usable and readable way—in all browsers and on all devices. This is done seamlessly, with CSS, so that one page fits all devices and all screen sizes. PVII responsive tools free you from having to worry about how your site will look on smartphones, tablets, and mini-tablets, so that you can devote your time and effort to design and content.

Awesomely Automatic

Imagine creating a layout like this in under 10 seconds. That's what Affinity (and all other PVII CSS Templates) does. It's the design equivalent of accelerating from 0-60 in a Bugatti.


When your client calls at 4:00pm and says "Hey Joe, I really like that last design proposal, but my marketing guys say it has to look perfect on the boss's iPhone and his son's Kindle, and they need it ready for the staff meeting tomorrow and, oh by the way, it has to have an image gallery that also has to work on the iPhone and Kindle." Instead of a panic attack followed by hours of coding, you can use PVII Affinity to create that perfect layout in no time. Just add your content and spend a quiet evening with the family with complete peace of mind. And for that gallery, you'll certainly want to use Image Gallery Magic 2—the best responsive gallery tool for Dreamweaver.

Menu System Included

Topping each Affinity page you create is a ground-breaking automatically responsive menu that we call Drop Menu Magic. We like it so much we use it on the PVII site. In a normal browser window, the menu items are horizontally arranged and each can include a horizontal or vertical sub-menu that drops down—with or without one of several very cool animations. When you make your window skinny, or when you view your page in a smartphone, the menu magically transforms into a perfectly configured accordion. Yes!

The Secret Sauce...

The Drop Menu Magic system allows you to manage your menu items and options through a dedicated and automated interface. It also allows you to add additional menus to your page. The menus you add can be horizontal drop-downs (like the default menu atop each Affinity page) or vertical accordions—perfect for a sidebar. Both types of menus are fully responsive and mobile-ready. You get a responsive page-building tool, from the leader in Dreamweaver responsive tools, and a complete, fully functional menu system. What's not to love?