Menu System Included

Topping each Affinity page you create is a ground-breaking automatically responsive menu that we call Drop Menu Magic. We like it so much we use it on the PVII site. In a normal browser window, the menu items are horizontally arranged and each can include a horizontal sub-menu that drops down—with or without one of several very cool animations. When you make your window skinny, or when you view your page in a smartphone, the menu magically transforms into a perfectly configured accordion. Yes!

The Drop Menu Magic system allows you to manage your menu items and options through a dedicated and automated interface. It also allows you to add additional menus to your page. The menus you add can be horizontal drop-downs, vertical drop-downs, or vertical accordions—perfect for a sidebar. Both types of menus are fully responsive and mobile-ready. You get a responsive page-building tool, from the leader in Dreamweaver responsive tools, and a complete, fully functional menu system. What's not to love?

Awesomely Automatic

Imagine creating a layout like this in under 10 seconds. That's what Affinity (and all other PVII CSS Templates) does. It's the design equivalent of accelerating from 0-60 in a Bugatti.