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Lightshow Magic in Accordion Panel Magic

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For Accordion Panel Magic 2 no tweaks are necessary

Learn more about Accordion Panel Magic 2

For Accordion Panel Magic 1:

This single rule will enable Accordion Panels to display Lightshows properly:

#p7ABw1_1, #p7ABw1_2, #p7ABw1_3 {
position: relative;
zoom: 1;

Each selector, separated by commas, is the outer animating DIV for each Accordion content panel. You will nedd as many selectors as you have content panels in your Accordion. If, for example, this Accordion had 4 content panels, the rule would be:

#p7ABw1_1, #p7ABw1_2, #p7ABw1_3, #p7ABw1_4 {
position: relative;
zoom: 1;