Lightshow 1

  • Golden Sunset
  • Pier Perspective
  • White Birch
  • Swamp Tree
  • Woodflower
  • Tulip Tree

Lightshows can go in sidebars. The thumbnails matrix is styled to fit.

Lightshow Magic
The Ultimate Presentation Tool
for Dreamweaver

Lightshows can be inserted anywhere on your page and you can have as many Lightshows as you want—each configured and styled uniquely, as evidenced by the Lightshows in each of the this page's sidebars.

Lightshows can also be inserted inside PVII Widgets. The example below illustrates how multiple Lightshows can be incorporated inside a PVII Elevator Panel Magic widget to separate the Lightshows into unique categories.

Lightshow 3
In Elevator Panels

  • Butterfly on Blue Iris
  • You looking at me?
  • Paper Moth
  • Butterfly in Black
    Of course, you can include additional descriptive text or markup if you like.
  • Dragon Fly at Rest
  • Beetle Bailey
  • Tarantella
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The last slide in this Lightshow contains a Lightshow Control Behavior in the description field that launches the next Lightshow: Flowers.

This Lightshow is set to display descriptions in separate popup boxes.
  • Roots on the Bank
  • Yellow Wood Flower
  • Locust in Bloom
  • Burst of Maple
  • Paw Paw
  • Can this tree walk?
  • Filtering Rays
  • A Willow

Want to see more?

Lightshow Magic is extremely flexible and can be used in many different ways and configured with many different options. The comprehensive user guide that comes with the product will teach you every facet of the system and how to make it do its magic. But we have prepared a couple of additional examples for you...

Lightshow in Black

See how Lightshow looks when deployed on a black page. This example will also allow you to see all 6 Lightshow Magic Style Themes.

Go to Lightshow in Black

Mixed Content Presentations

Lightshow Magic supports both image slides and content slides. We've put together a presentation of The Weinerdog, a children's book. It's not exactly Shakespeare, but it will give you a good idea of just how flexible Lightshow Magic is.

Go to The Weinerdog

Tweaks and Inspiration

See pages that illustrate special techniques or tweaks—or pages that just look cool.

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Lightshow 2

Lightshow Magic supports image slides and content slides—like this one. Content slides can contain any type of (x)html markup and they are editable as regular content inside Dreamweaver.

This Lightshow has 1 content slide and 2 image slides.