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    You can use your keyboard's arrow keys or spacebar to move among the slides in this Lightshow. To learn about all of the keyboard shortcuts, click the question mark icon on the Lightshow toolbar.
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    Lightshow Magic includes a Table of Contents as a navigational aid. To open the TOC, press your T key.
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Mark Focus is a professional photographer and web designer based in the Podunk, Kansas area. He is the official photographer for the International Cow-Tipping Society, but also shoots more traditional urban and scenic landscapes. His work has been published in numerous magazines, newspapers, and books, including Mad Magazine and The San Francisco Chronicle, and his photographs have been featured on NPR.

Mr. Focus is the grandson of the late Felix Unger, founder of F.U. Studios in New York City.

Additional Style Themes...

The Additional Style Themes examples are contained inside a PVII Elevator Panel Magic widget.

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  • Cadillac Show Car
    This Lightshow has only one slide so the toolbar automatically shows only the close icon. You can also select an option in the UI to hide the toolbar completely. We've also hidden the slide counter.