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Image Gallery Magic 2

Because your images deserve the very best

Examples and Tutorials | User Guide | Buy Full version: $95 | Upgrade from Image Gallery Magic 1: $65

The Ultimate Dreamweaver Image Gallery

Image Gallery Magic 2 literally brings your images to life with smooth cross-fading, snappy glides, or elegant Ken Burns style pan and zoom effects. IGM 2 utilizes HTML5, CSS level 3 and advanced PVII DOM Scripting to deliver near broadcast-quality animation that does your images proud. IGM2 is programmed from the ground up by PVII and neither uses, requires, nor is limited by any third-party script libraries. IGM2 installs into Dreamweaver, giving you a fully automated graphical user interface from which you can create and manage your galleries.

Experience the power of Image Gallery Magic 2 live!

Key Features

  • Ken Burns Pan and Zoom effect for broadcast-quality motion animation in modern browsers using HTML5 and CSS 3
    Older browsers are auto switched to a full-fit cross-fade
  • Smooth HTML5-based Cross-Fade animation
  • 5 Smooth Sliding glide animations, including a random slide
  • A Full-Fit Cross-Fade animation that always fill the viewport
  • Auto Height or Fixed Height options
  • Supports mixed image orientations
    Display both portrait and landscape images in the same gallery
  • Responsive and AdaptiveEverything always fits
    Galleries automatically adapt to the width of their containers and Images automatically adapt to the width of the gallery viewport
  • Swipe Enabled
    Gallery works with swipe gestures in modern touch-enable operating systems
  • Full-Screen Mode—Include an optional toolbar icon that instantly makes your gallery fill the entire window
  • Automatically convert existing IGM1 galleries to IGM2 while retaining all your original images, as well as captions and descriptions
  • Total control over toolbar icons, arrows, paginator (bullets), and caption/description placement
    Choose which controls and icons appear and where they appear
  • Set links on each full-size image
  • Description supports HTML markup
    Allows you to add links or any other type of content to your description
  • Startup in Auto-Play or Manual Mode
    Set number of cycles or continuous play for auto-play mode
  • Random order option
  • Thumbnails are optional
    Galleries can be created with or without thumbnails
  • Supports multiple galleries on the same page
  • Add images individually or Import from folders
    Includes a powerful image import utility
  • Several style themes or skins to choose from
  • Automated interface that installs into your copy of Dreamweaver
    Works in Windows and Mac systems running Dreamweaver MX, MX2004, 8, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2016, CC 2017. For installation tips, please see Using PVII Extensions in Dreamweaver CC...

The IGM2 Interface

You have total control over your gallery's configuration at all times. The interface allows you to create new galleries and edit existing ones. The IGM2 interface has 2 screens.

IGM2 UI Main Screen

IGM UI General Options Screen

Image Gallery Magic 2 live!