BRM on This Page

This page was created using the CSS Affinity Mobius Theme Pack. Animation is set to Soft Slide with Fade. This example also illustrates the optional toolbar, positioned top-right, with the Foreground tool selected to show.

The Foreground icon. When the page first loads, you see an icon indicating that the images can be moved in front of page content: When you click it, the icon changes to:—indicating you can now toggle your Background Image Rotator back to its default position behind your page content.


  • Fully automated UI in Dreamweaver.
  • 3 Animation methods. Animation speed is configurable. You can also choose no animation.
  • Foreground Toggle. Use an icon to move the rotator in front of or behind your page content.
  • Mobile ready and adaptive.
  • Images automatically scale to fit the entire browser window or device viewport.
  • Images always appear behind your normal page content, enabling you to add a rotator to any page with little or no modifications.
  • Optional Toolbar with Previous, Next, Pause, and Play icons.
  • Auto Play options allow you to cycle as many times as you wish through all images.
  • The system can be set to choose a random image order.
  • Custom set the delay between images.

The BRM Interface

The Foreground option in the Toolbar allows you to toggle your Background Image Rotator from in its default position behind your page content, to in front of your page content.