Overlay Menu Magic (OMM)

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The menu is designed to overlay on top of your page, and is opened or closed by clicking on the menu trigger. This design approach saves precious space in the actual web page and allows for the presentation of rich, mixed content in the sub menu panels to provide a highly engaging menu presentation. The Overlay Menu Magic system is an ideal navigation system for all mobile devices.

  • Responsive and Mobile-Ready
  • Automated interface (UI) inside Dreamweaver
  •

Pop Menu Magic 3 (PMM3)

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The ultimate menu building tool for Dreamweaver.

  • Responsive and Mobile-Ready
  • Automated interface (UI) inside Dreamweaver
  • Auto Converter to update existing PMM1 or PMM2 menus
  • Auto Converter for DMM Menus
  • Easy Alignment options (left, right, or centered)
  • and lots more...

Mega Menu Magic (MGM)

MGM Home | Examples

Features that are unmatched, Dreamweaver automation that is unprecedented, and refinement that is unrivaled. Put it all together and you have the ultimate mega menu building tool.

  • Responsive and Mobile-Ready
  • Automated interface (UI) inside Dreamweaver
  • Configure Mega sub-menus with multiple columns and rows
  • Add any type of content or images to your sub-menus
  • Classic menu option for traditional drop-down
  • and lots more...

Tree Menu Magic 3 (TMM3)

If you require a tree-style menu, Tree Menu Magic 3 (TMM3) is fully automated and automatically responsive. TMM3 supports an unlimited number of sub-menu levels.

TMM3 Home | Examples

PVII products are Dreamweaver extensions that work in both Mac and Windows versions. We support Dreamweaver versions MX2004, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, and CC.

Standard Product License

Products are licensed to the individual user for use on his/her licensed copy/copies of Adobe Dreamweaver and may be used to generate pages, menus, or widgets for an unlimited number of sites per the standard license agreement...

"I can't remember the last time we created a site without using a PVII product. We use them for cost-effectively adding the coolest features with total confidence—because they're rock-solid and drop-dead gorgeous."

Michelle LaPointe-President
C3 Advertising, Inc.

Synergy CSS Page Builder

Synergy Home | Examples

Synergy is an automated Dreamweaver page-building tool that makes it easy to create responsive pages with compelling designs, usable features, and efficient code. Choose from cool smooth-scrolling portal pages, to coordinating interior pages with traditional layouts, to special framework pages that you can lay out with your own custom column configurations, using the included Synergy Row/Column Creator tool that comes with Synergy.

CSS Affinity Page Builder

Affinity Home | Examples

When your client calls at 4:00pm and says "Hey Joe, I really like that last design proposal, but my marketing guys say it has to look perfect on the boss's iPhone and his son's Kindle, and they need it ready for the staff meeting tomorrow." Instead of a panic attack followed by hours of coding, you can use PVII Affinity to create that perfect layout in no time. Just add your content and spend a quiet evening with the family!

CSS Page Builder Magic 2

Choose from 16 responsive and mobile-ready CSS layouts then watch as the page is created before your eyes.

CSS Page Builder Magic 2 | Examples

Page Builder vs. Affinity

Both products are fully responsive and will allow you to build one site that works in all devices. Affinity comes with the DMM menu system and can be extended with add-on Theme Packs. Affinity pages are more stylized. Page Builder Magic 2 comes with more layout choices and more conservative default styling. Page Builder pages include a single-level CSS menu and is designed for those wanting to add their menu of choice.

Headline Scroller Magic

HSL Home | Examples

PVII Headline Scrollers (HSL) are responsive and adaptive—working and looking great on any device and in any browser. With a fully automated interface inside Dreamweaver, it could not be easier to create your own Headline Scrollers. Use Headline Scroller (HSL) to present your most important marketing headlines. Link those headlines to the associated full story and you've got a sales and marketing tool that will work for you.

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New! Image Rotator Magic 2

IRM2 Home | Documentation

Strictly speaking, this is the finest Image Rotator for Dreamweaver. Ever. Responsive and Adaptive, Image Rotator Magic 2 (IRM2) is an automated Dreamweaver widget that makes it easy to create engaging Image Rotators with compelling animations, usable features, cool effects, and efficient image caching.

New! Full Screen Slide Show

FSS Home | Documentation

Simply put, the finest Slide Show builder for Dreamweaver... Ever.

Responsive and Adaptive, full Screen Slide Show (FSS) is an automated Dreamweaver widget that makes it easy to create engaging Full Screen Slide Shows with compelling animations, usable features, cool effects, and efficient image caching.

New! Scroll To Element Widget

STE Home | Documentation

Scroll To Element (STE) is an automated Dreamweaver widget that makes scrolling long web pages easier. Scroll To Element can be easily attached to existing page links. The widget can even create the link for you! STE allows you to create links that scroll smoothly to ID'd elements anywhere on your page.

New! Scroll To Top Widget

STT Home | Documentation

Scroll To Top (STT) is an automated Dreamweaver widget that makes getting back to the top of long web pages easier. You can add fixed position arrows, on either the right or bottom edges of your page, that allow users to scroll back to the top of the page, at any time. For illustrative purposes, this page contains a bottom bar, as well as an arrow on the right, and inline links.

Background Rotator Magic

BRM Home | Examples

Use Background Rotator Magic (BRM) to rotate your page's background image. The images automatically scale to the size of your browser window—or your device viewport. Think about it. In less than a minute, you can build a totally cool background image rotator!

Tab Panel Magic 3 (TPM3)

TPM3 Home | Examples

The only mobile-ready and responsive tab panel widget for Dreamweaver. Now supports swipe gestures on touch devices. Tab Panel Magic has never been this powerful before. Hide or show tabs, add paginator and pause/play controls... and, of course,. always be responsive and mobile ready.

Accordion Panel Magic 3 (APM3)

The ultimate Mobile-Ready Accordion widget.

APM3 Home | Examples

CSS Quick Columns

Quickly add Multiple Column Structures to any page. Quick Columns is the perfect companion tool for Affinity or Page Builder Magic 2 and is very likely the most productive $35 you'll ever spend.

CSS Quick Columns Home

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